English 3

Junior English


Welcome to Junior English!  The content emphasis for this level is American Literature.  This year we will study the works of North American authors starting from contemporary and travel back through the colonial period.  Another great emphasis of this course is SAT preparation through the study of advanced reading and writing conventions/grammar.  The SAT is administered in April, and I aim to offer the preparation and support you will need to do your best.

What you should expect to take away from this course is introductory knowledge of American literature and greatlyimproved reading, language, and writing skills.



What do I need to bring to class?

  • Pen, pencil, glue stick and highlighter

  • Two composition notebooks. Stitched are the best.


SCORING AND GRADES (Please also see Course Assignments and Grade Breakdown)

 Many assignments will be scored on a ten-point system and weighted according to its value.  The scale can generally be translated as:


8-9=Meets expectations perfectly

7-8=Approaching Expectations

6-7=Below expectations

5 or below=Failure


What’s my grade in here?   What am I missing?

Keeping track of your grade and assignments is your responsibility. Course grading and make-up work policies are based on information found in the student handbook.  Your current grades can  be found by logging onto Tyler through the school website. Please note: if you see a blank space where a score should be, I have not entered scores.  If you didn’t turn in your assignment, you will eventually see a zero.

What can I do to bring up my grade?

Your grade is determined by the quality of your work.  In order to increase your grade, you must put forth effort and ask for help when you need it.  Do all of your assignments, do them well, and turn them in on time.  Extra credit is not an option.

When can I get help?

If you need more help than I can give during the class period, you are welcome to arrange to see me before or after school.



What are we doing in here?  

You are expected to know what is going on around you and to stay on task.  The basic schedule of each class this semester is: (1) Journal Response—you will have five-to-ten minutes at the beginning of class to record your reaction to the daily journal prompt.  Next are (2) General Announcements and (3) Review Topic on English grammar and vocabulary (including SAT prep).  You will be quizzed on the Review Topic information, and you will see it on the final exam.  You may use the notes in your review/prep book during quizzes.  Following these will be the (4) Literature: Daily Assignment which will include some reading, some discussion, and a written element.  



Did we do anything yesterday?

If you miss class, you are responsible for make-up work.  Class assignments will be posted daily,  and associated handouts will be available in a class file.



If I get through the door when the bell rings, am I tardy?

Yes.  You must be in your assigned seat before the bell rings to be considered present and on time.



May I use the restroom?  May I go to the office?  

Occasionally, you may need to leave class.  When this need arises, quietly excuse yourself and always sign out.  Failure to sign out will result in the loss of hall-pass privileges.  In addition, hall passes that are abused by your being out of class too long, leaving too frequently, or visiting locations other than the restrooms or office will also result in the loss of hall-pass privileges.



I forgot to finish my lunch.  Can I just eat it in here?


What about Thirsty Thursday Every cool kid has a 64-ouncer, shouldn’t I?  

No.  Only water bottles are allowed in the classroom.  Irreparable stains have been caused in classrooms by these and other unauthorized drinks.  


Can I use my cell phone/device?

No.  There are pockets where you will place your phone/device if it is in your possession during class.  If you claim not to have a phone, the consequences will be dire if proven otherwise.

Can I listen to my music?

No.  No phone/device=no personal music.

What if I'm only wearing my headsets and earbuds to look cool but am not actually listening to music?

Umm. That’s just ridiculous. Don’t do it.



Lunch detention sounds fun!  How can I get in on that? 

Just so you know, there is nothing fun or cool about lunch detention.  Detention is assigned for unexcused tardiness and other disrespectful or disruptive behavior.  If you are assigned lunch detention, you will serve it in my classroom doing a chore or sitting quietly.  In the event that I am unavailable to supervise you, you will serve your detention in the lunchroom under the supervision of faculty there.



Until further notice, we will do what it takes to keep each other safe and our school open. The following will be required in the classroom--

Mask up—Facial coverings are required in my classes with more than 10 people enrolled.

Sanitize Hands—There is a new no-touch hand sanitizer by the door. Use it upon entering the room.

Touchless work—Whenever possibleassignments will be distributed and completed on-line through your Microsoft Teams account. In-class assignments will be completed in a composition book, and I will check these to see your work.

Keep your distance—Try to not be too near others especially for prolonged periods. New evidence shows that 40% of those who are contagious are also asymptomatic. Because they don’t feel sick, they are unknowingly spreading the virus. For this reason, you will want to keep yourself and your family safe by keeping your distance.