Classroom Policies

Requirements for preparedness:

  1. Be on time
  2. Have necessary materials:
    1. Notebook section for learning targets
    2. Notebook paper
    3. Pen or pencil (sharpened)
    4. Keep your file clean

Food and Drinks:

  1. Not allowed in the classroom.
  2. Water bottles with water (only) are allowed.


  2. No charging, talking, texting, gaming, watching.
  3. Use only at approved times.


  1. Studying
  2. Following directions
  3. Give your best effort every day

Means of Respect:

  1. Think about others’ perspectives
  2. Make positive remarks
  3. Follow directions

Trash Policy:

  1. Put trash where it goes.

Grading Policy

  1. We are in a Standards Based Grading school and this classroom will score tests (Summative Assessments) as the standard for the class.
  2. Tests can be retaken up to a week after the first test is given, but all of the work leading up to the test needs to be done or a great effort has to be made in order to retake the test.
  3. All work will be marked as completed or incomplete on TylerSIS.
  4. Formative Assessments (quizzes and checking for understanding assignments during the unit) will also be scored and added to the total for grading as follows:
  5. Summative Assessments 80% of total grade.
  6. Formative Assessments 20% of total grade.

Units of Study

Semester 1

  1. Basic Economic Concepts
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Supply and Demand
  4. Banking
  5. Macroeconomics
  6. Globalization