English 1

English I


DR. STANIEC                                             [email protected]

Welcome to Freshman English!  In this course, you will work to perfect your English skills through daily execution of the four modes of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).  This year’s writing emphasis is the narrative (story writing).  We will also closely review sentence, paragraph, and essay structures.



Materials required for success in this course are:

  • Pen, pencil, highlighter
  • Three-ring binder with five tab dividers and binder paper
  • Textbooks (provided)



What’s my grade in here?

Course grading and make-up work policies are based on information found in the student handbook.  Grades will be posted once each week, generally on Friday mornings.  Your current grades can also be found by logging into the school website.



Did we do anything yesterday?

If you miss class, you are responsible for make-up work.  Class assignments will be posted daily, and associated handouts will be available in a class file.



May I use the restroom?

Occasionally, you may need to leave class.  When this need arises, please ask permission, and always sign out.



Until further notice, we will do what it takes to keep each other safe and our school open. The following will be required in the classroom-- 

Mask up—Facial coverings are required in my classes with more than 10 people enrolled. 

Sanitize Hands—There is a new no-touch hand sanitizer by the door. Use it upon entering the room. 

Touchless work—Whenever possibleassignments will be distributed and completed on-line through your Microsoft Teams account. In-class assignments will be completed in a composition book, and I will check these to see your work. 

Keep your distance—Try to not be too near others especially for prolonged periods. New evidence shows that 40% of those who are contagious are also asymptomatic. Because they don’t feel sick, they are unknowingly spreading the virus. For this reason, you will want to keep yourself and your family safe by keeping your distance.