English 2

English II


DR. STANIEC                                             sstaniec@parmaschools.org

Welcome to Sophomore English!  In this course, you will continue to perfect your English skills through daily execution of the four modes of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).  This year’s writing emphasis is the research project, so we will practice researching and writing papers based on your findings. 



Materials required for success in this course are:

  • Pen, pencil, highlighter
  • Three-ring binder with five tab dividers and binder paper
  • Textbooks (provided)



What’s my grade in here?

Course grading and make-up work policies are based on information found in the student handbook.  Grades will be posted once each week, generally on Friday mornings.  Your current grades can also be found by logging into the school website.



Did we do anything yesterday?

If you miss class, you are responsible for make-up work.  Class assignments will be posted daily, and associated handouts will be available in a class file.



May I use the restroom?

Occasionally, you may need to leave class.  When this need arises, please ask permission, and always sign out.