Larsen, Pam - Math

Mrs. Pam Larsen
Business Math, Integrated Math 1,
Integrated Math 3
pam larsen

Biography:  I have enjoyed teaching the students at Parma High School for 22 years after spending time at home and finishing my degree from College of Idaho in 1993.  My current assignment is Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Business Math.
Outside of school I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren and I am blessed enough to have them all living here in the valley.  My interests include camping, gardening, reading, sewing and quiltin

The Algebra 1 course is changing to a blended learning approach which should give you a more varied and well-rounded experience.  It is called Integrated Math 1.   You will be using a text book in class and Khan Academy, a computer based tool, outside of class and will be responsible for practice with both.  Integrated Math 1 is the first high school mathematics course in the track to college and is a graduation requirement.

The following list is a few basic expectations for our class time to help insure success for all of us.

  1. Be in class on time everyday
  2. Accept responsibility for your learning
  3. Come prepared with needed materials and completed work
  4. Show respect for yourself, others and the school

Integrated Math 3 is a mathematics course in the track toward college.  It is possible to take Math 2 and Math 2 at the same time with instructor permission.   This course includes extending topics from Math 1, statistics and data analysis, and beginning trigonometry  topics.